Fun, creative party time for six close friends to a class of 20. Prices start at £16 per head and include...


Unique personalised plate for the birthday child or a large plate for everyone to paint and sign.

Choice of bowl, plate, mug or pencil holder.

Studio fees.


How long is the party for?

About one and a half hours. Younger party goers normally complete their masterpieces quite quickly so an hour is more appropriate for them.

Do you have an age limit?

Yes. Parties are from five years old.

Do you need a deposit?

Yes. £30 is required when booking.

Do you do food?

We have no catering facilities, but you are welcome to bring a birthday cake. Orange or blackcurrant squash is included.

Do you supervise the children?

An appropriate number of adults is required to supervise so that we can concentrate on helping them paint.

How many people can you accommodate?

We have room for adults but it may be a squeeze in busy times, please check when booking


Fired Up party invites...

As long as you have Acrobat you can download these invites and print them to invite your friends to your party